About us

kanakopoulos Message from the President.

Skin metamorphosis starts with skin health. Every cell has his own mechanisms to repair the damage from the exogenous and endogenous oxidative factors but genetically this ability differs from one to another.

Since our establishment in 1990 our scientific team works on those cell repairing mechanisms trying to develop products for every individualized problem, for each individual person. We know it is not so easy but today we know much more than before about the autologous mechanisms and enzymatic reaction that take place. Therefore we can interfere and reprogramme the cells individually.

This science we use in order we develop products and manufacture them in four (5) different factories around the world (Greece, France, USA, Spain and Denmark).

All the products are formulated and designed each one individualy. We create formulas that work side by side with skin cell autologous ability for reprogramming the cells diversing the cellular damage created over time (skin aging) for everyone individually.

Thanks to the latest scientific achievements we create the products of tomorrow.
All products follow the EU and International directives and regulations.

Angelos Kanakopoulos MSc
CEO Abacosm Ltd.