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A scrub facial wash with exfoliating grains which removes dead skin cells and refines skin texture. It contains microcapsules with jojoba oil, cornflower extract and grapefruit essential oil, which refreshes the skin and leaves a natural, fruity scent. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Botanical Facial Foam EXO micro-exfoliates deep-set impurities while respecting skin’s pH and hydrolipidic barrier. It leaves skin soft, smooth and radiant.


Special powder blend micro- exfoliates epidermis and instantly leaves the skin smoother and brighter. Unique botanical blend in combination with aloe helps keeping skin's moisture level, while the active ingredients regulate melanin production. Ideal for all skin conditions, except users of medically-prescribed defoliants.


Gel cream for wrinkle reduction around the eye area. It contains growth factors Hyaluronic Acid and co enzymes which helps the increase of energy at mitochondria. Mati cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and static rhytides, reduce inflammation and swelling of the eye area. Results are visible within 2-3 days. Recommended only by skin professionals. Mati cream can be used one or twice daily (AM-PM) or according to the protocol.


Antiox cream enhances the defense mechanism of skin giving velvety and soft texture. The formula’s essential antioxidant effect is given by its highly concentrated Vitamin C, able to increase the skin’s antioxidant capacity; it stimulates cellular respiration, fights against free radicals and promotes skin resistance to environmental pollution. Day by day, it restores the tired skin’s tone and vitality and ensures a younger and more radiant look. Perfect for all skin types and also for sensitive and delicate skin. Excellent make-up base. Recommended only by skin care professionals.


Rich in vitamin C serum (L- ascorbic acid), activates collagen, stimulates skin, enhances cell defense functions and protects skin from environmental stress. Also reduces the signs of premature aging. For all skin types.


Rich in Vit C (L-ascorbic acid) and salicylic acid serum is ideal for oily and acne skin but also suitable for all skin types. Helps clear existing breakouts destroying also bacteria and preventing oil production. Provides younger and more revitalized skin. Retains water in the epidermis for a firmer, smoother and more luminous skin.


A high concentrated serum of vitamins that rejuvenates and revitalizes dehydrated skin. Hydrates, smooths and minimizes fine lines. It promotes the production of new collagen and elastin. Color free and fragrance free product.


Personalised serum for every individual skin need. Recommended for all skin types. This serum consists of high concentrate antioxidants in order to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. It can be combined with all lasers, RF, PRP and US treatments. Color free and fragrance free product. Recommended only by skin professionals. Ask your skin therapist / doctor to create your personal protocol suitable for your skin.


Erythros gel is a natural herbal product. It stimulates the cell receptors and improves blood circulation in areas where applied. It has a natural detox effect and offers 100% autologous stimulation. Erythros gel enhances, restores and regenerates skin’s and hair’s health.


High antioxidation cream for inflammation and hyperpigmentations. It reduces inflammation by reducing liquids hyperoxidation coming not only from exogenous but also from endogenous factors. Ideal for the elimination of discoloration of any cause, either from diabetes or from high consumption of carbohydrates or sugar. A-Mela is necessary follow up treatment together with Lefko and Brightening Forte Gel for melasma treatment. A-mela is used in the morning (AM). Recommended only by skin professionals


A facial cream specifically designed to weaken pigmented lesions, enliven skin tone and boost skin’s brightness. Protects against full time discoloration. Lefko contains UVA-UVB filters.


A lightweight face serum specially designed for brightening skin tone, increasing luminosity and helping to reduce pigmented lesions. Protects against fulltime discoloration. Color free and fragrance free product.


Repair Complex Serum combines amino acids (GF complex) and eight forms of Vit B. It rebuilds skin health, reduces redness and blemishes and revives dull skin tone. Strengthen the skin's natural hydro lipid barrier. Color free and fragrance free product.


Cream specially designed for skin lifting, rich in growth factors that differ from Botolift cream. The perfect alternative when the cell are “tired” from the repeatedly use of one product. Oligo cream enhances the protocols for a wrinkle free face. Oligo can be used according to the protocol AM and PM. Recommended only by skin professionals.


Rich in EGF and GF Complex formula deliver immediate benefit to chronically dry dehydrated and prematurely aging skin. Stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, prevents dryness and restores lost moisture level while reduces wrinkles.


Pre-treatment LRC can be used on sensitive or stressed skin prior to a professional treatment. It does not buffer or dilute the activity of treatment, but regulates skin barrier function, decreases risk of skin irritation and evens out skin porosity.

Hydration/Sedation LRC can be used in any facial treatment to increase absorption of other products and increase hydration.
Use at first sign of irritation, post peel, post laser, waxing, electrolysis or microdermabrasion. Use under masks or ampoules.

ELIOS SPF 20, 30, 50

Sunscreen line SPF 20, 30, 50 with triple action: hydration - antioxidation – sun protection. Offer complete sun protection against UVA and UVB rays up to the deepest layers of the skin. Rich in antioxidants which neutralize free radicals - responsible for premature aging, pigmentation spots and skin dehydration. Improve skin microcirculation, protect skin cells' DNA preventing photo aging. Suitable for all skin types and phototypes.





Dermagenetic Vit C serum

Vit-C Nutritioner
A vitamin and AHA infusion

  • 'smart' antioxidant and a highly effective free radical quencher

Dermagenetic Vit-C serum for Eyes

Key ingredients:
Vit C and AHA infusion

'Smart' antioxidant and highly effective ROS quencher for eyes



  • Fitzpatrick I-VI
  • Laxity
  • Menopausal skin
  • Dehydrated and sensitive skin
  • After peelings theraphy

Key ingredients:

  • Retinol (Vit A), Vit C: important in the repair of photo-aged skin, antioxidant and GF.


Oily skin protocols

Control sebum, maximizes healthy skin function, control persistent flushing in sensitive or rosacea-prone oily skin. Leaving skin calm, even, properly hydrated.

  • Contains: Cleanser, PH toner, VITAMIN CS SERUM , ENRICHED SERUM , Sun block SPF 30.

Vitamin C Plus protocols

Controls persistent redness in sensitive Vitamin C Plus.

  • Contains: Cleanser, PH toner, VITAMIN CS SERUM , ENRICHED SERUM , Sun block 30

The Vitamin CS Serum control protocols

Breakouts and bacteria reducing protocols for blemish-prone skin. Control redness, clear existing blemishes, and prevent future breakouts.

  • Contains: Cleanser, PH toner, VITAMIN CS SERUM , ENRICHED SERUM, Sun block SPF 30

Aging spots protocols

Fight melanosome deposits on the skin containing lightening GF. Prevent future appearance of freckles etc. It helps to reduce or diminish melasma. These protocols fight the underling oxidation.

kin Essentials and correctives

Daily care line consists of protocols and correctives.
Every patient's daily care protocols should consist of both creams and serums used in conjunction with professional treatments.


Facial cleanser

Cleansing gel that effectively removes makeup and environmental impurities while leaving the skin supple and PH balanced.

  • Recommended for all type of skins
  • Maybe used on face and body

Key ingredients:

  • Hydrating AHAs/BHAs smooth the surface and balance the skin's pH.


An alcohol-free GF complex solution to help refine pores, PH balancer.


  • Recommended for all types of skin

Barrier repair protecting balms

Anhydrous stable Vit C moisturizer that offers broad-spectrum antioxidation


  • Recommended for normal to dry skin

Key ingredients:

  • Vitamins E (tocopherol), C, K and B5

Daily moisturizers

Vitamin CS Serum

Recommended for all skin types

A highly effective, penetrating blend that helps exfoliate, lighten and inhibit hyper pigmentation and age spots.
Key ingredients:

  • AHA/BHA helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells acting also as a strong degreasing agent

Evening moisturizers

Enriched Serum'

Alleviates skin dryness and provides excellent antioxidant benefits. Regulates cell turnover.


  • Recommended for all types of skin
  • May be added to any daily care regimen when needed according to the protocol.

Key ingredients:
Ascorbic acid, Retinol, Vit E, GF factors προσφέρουν αντιοξείδωση και προστασία.

Post peel recovery balm


  • Recommended for normal all skin types after dermabration peels factional resurfacing etc

Vitamin C

Antioxidant eye serums

L-ascorbic acid serum for skin strengthening and plumping. Supportive feel to lax skin, smoothes fine lines and minimizes pores.Increases collagen production, capillary function and circulation while evening skin discoloration in the eye area.


  • Appropriate for all skin types apply twice daily
  • Maybe used alone or in conjunction with any of products of the protocols

Key ingredients:

  • L Ascorbic acid, water-soluble antioxidant that stimulates collagen deposition and helps even skin discoloration

Vit C Serums / Vit CS serums

Provides anti-inflammatory and Colagen regeneration. Skin strengthening, smoothes fine lines and minimizes pores. Indications:

  • Patients who have used high percentage vitamin C topicals previously
  • Treat skin on hands and chest
  • A&C synergetic protocols as a maintenance lightener
  • Acne therapies

Key ingredients:
L-ascorbic acid, A-BHA

Advanced treatment products

Serums and creams that helps increase intracellular moisture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, control melanocites.

Key ingredients:

  • Ascorbic acid, water-soluble antioxidant that stimulates collagen deposition and helps even skin discoloration
  • Vit A, Vit E, Arbutin, TRX, G F complex.

Effectively control oxidation help reduce discoloration, resulting in a clear, even skin tone restore skin health.

Skin strengthening, pigment control

Rejuvenating serums

Helps stimulate cell growth and protect cells from water loss, protection against damaging free radicals and inflammation.

Lip therapy


  • Stimulate collagen synthesis and scavenge free radicals. For healthy good looking lips

Acne gel

Acne spot treatment that clears existing acne blemishes while reducing oil production and the occurrence of future breakouts.


  • Used once daily

Active ingredient:

  • Salicylic acid (2%)- a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) with keratolytic benefits that cuts down on the shedding of cells

Sunscreen antioxidant

Daily antioxidant spf 30

Moisturizer for daily broad-spectrum UV protection and antioxidation


  • Recommended for all types of skin

Key ingredients:

  • Vitamins A, C and GF complex- enhance cell turnover while protects from UVA / UVB