Dermamin is a nutricosmetic food supplement designed to help hyperpigmented skin complexions for a beautiful uniform color.
It integrates a unique and clinically proven active ingredient: Pycnogenol pine bark extract. Dermamin also combines high quality vitamins C,E and a pomegranate extract for a synergic antioxidant action.

Dermamin helps:

  • Dischromias by reducing hyper-pigmented patch size
  • Lowering pigments intensity
  • Protecting skin from brownish spots through an intensive protection against UV-radiation

Dermamin is an instant drink that helps your skin look naturally younger, radiant, smooth and flawless.

Studies carried out show that it is efficient on Asian women skin also and that first results were achieved after only a one-month course.

Dermamin drink is presented in a convenient on-the-go stick. Demamin is only made with a natural flavor (apple).

Clinical Results - Pycnogenol benefits on skin
Pycnogenol French Pine Bark extract was clinically proven to help reducing hyper pigmentation (brownish spots or patches) and to lower the average pigmentation intensity.

Reduction of dark spots size and reduction of pigments intensity
Dark spots develop particularly on the face. Laser and peeling protocols are often applied to the skin today. When the above are combined with Dermamin the results are better and faster.

Dermamin with Pycnogenol is a natural and non aggressive drink which was clinically proven to lighten hyper- pigmented skin

A clinical study involving on patients with brownish spots was carried out. They consumed 75 mg of Pycnogenol per day for one month. On average, after a one-month course the area size of dark spots was reduced of 37%.
On average, pigments intensity after a one-month-course, was lowered by about 22%.In general, a significative affect was validated on 80% of the subjects.

Anti-melanogenic effect by inhibition of tyrosinase activity and prevention of UV damage Melanine is a major pigment in human skin color and it is synthesized in melanocytes. Melanogenesis is activated by oxidation-related processes such as UV radiation and requires tyrosine kinase activity. Consequently, tyrosine kinase inhibitors and photo-protectors may improve cutaneous hyper-pigmentary disorders and complexion discolorations.

Tyrosinase inhibition
In Pycnogenol treated cells, melanin synthesis was effectively suppressed in a dose-related manner.
Furthermore, Pycnogenol in vitro effect was significantly stronger than kojik acid.

It is known that oxidative stress is involved in over-production of skin pigments because of exposure to sunlight that leads to further oxidative stress.
Dermamin combines strong antioxidant active compounds: vitamins C and E and Pycnogenol to protect actively skin from sun-damage.

In particular, oral supplementation of 21 healthy volunteers with Pycnogenol was shown to protect from sunburn, with a dose-manner effect. These
findings point to a significant photo-protective and anti-photo
ageing effect of Pycnogenol.

It also contains ellagic acid from pomegranate extract
which may have an inhibitory effect on a slight pigmentation
in the human skin caused by UV-irradiation.

Recommendations for use
We recommend taking Dermamin for 1 month.
For an optimum action, we recommend taking 2 sticks per day.

Stick of 6 grams


Maltodextrin, natural apple flavouring with other natural flavourings, fructose, Pomegranate fruit extract (carrier: maltodextrin), acids: malic and citric acids, Maritime Pine bark extract, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, vitamins (C, E), sweeteners: sucralose and potassium acesulfame, colour: beta-carotene.